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Beginning Rock Band (Ages 7-10)

Never played an instrument before? No problem! Would you like to spend a week this summer learning the basics of how to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and piano? Then beginning rock band is the right place for you! You will learn the basics of each instrument in a fun and interactive setting as you play popular pop/rock songs with your other campers. Complete with a performance on Friday to celebrate your musical journey! If you have played an instrument, but never been in a rock band before...YOU'RE MISSING OUT! Come take a week and play/learn the basics of 4 instruments at Beginning Rock Band Camp! (This is a good camp for students with 0 - 2 years of music experience...No music experience necessary to attend this camp)

Rockin Robins (Ages 6-7)

Boy playing Ukelele.jpg

This fun camp for our younger campers is a fun mix of music and crafts/artwork. Students will get to play and learn several instruments, and the basics of counting and playing with their band mates. In addition to music, there will be crafts and games to keep the younger camper having a fun and educational experience. And of course, the Friday performance from the campers is a highlight both for the kids and the parents to enjoy/celebrate their week at camp! (This is a good camp for students Kindergarten-1st graders. No previous musical experience necessary to attend)


Advanced Rock Band (Ages 10+)

This camp is designed for the slightly older camper that also has some musical background/experience. Why take two months to learn a whole set of music when you can do it in a few days at camp with your peers! And of course, there will be musical-instrument rotation so that a student with experience on the keyboard can also learn the basic of drums and guitar. The rehearsals are broken up with fun age-appropriate games around the studio to keep the atmosphere fun and light. The last day of camp is also a performance day for these campers to demonstrate what they have learned/accomplished in their week at camp. (At least two years of musical background/lessons required to enroll in this camp.)

Song Writing Camp (Ages 10+)

Would you like to learn how to compose your own song? This is the camp for you! At this camp we will learn basic chord changes, and how to put those chord changes into instrumentation. We will find/talk about things that inspire the young campers, and then work together with them as they write lyrics bringing their inspiration to life. Then we will help each camper put their lyrics to music, and write/record their composition! All of the compositions will be performed on the last day of camp so that the student can show-off their work to the rest of camp. In addition to musical composition - we will also be doing some basic building using other physical mediums to help the students conceptualize "composing" something -and the many parts that go into good song-writing. (At least two years of musical background/lessons required to enroll in this camp.) 

Song Writing_Karoake Camp

Music of the World (Ages 6-9)

Boy playing Djembe.jpg

Would your child like to go on a musical journey around the world? (well, musically anyway - no flights planned for this camp :)

Then this is the right camp for your son/daughter. Each day the students visit a different part of the world, and learn/hear the music from that part of the world. At this camp they also build an instrument from that part of the world as a keepsake of their travels. Students show-off their artwork and what they have learned about the music of the world at the last day of camp show. If your child would enjoy a trip around the world both musically and artistically - then this is the right camp for you! (No previous musical experience necessary to attend)


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