Big Wide World

2-3 Year Olds

Classes starting August 26th!

Mondays 5pM, SATURDAYS 9AM

You have a creative child. Our passion is to nurture that growth.

Welcome to the BIG WIDE WORLD.

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We Imagine. We Play. We Learn.

In the Big Wide World classroom we approach the fundamentals of music in a completely new way! We know that the preschooler learns through imagination. The classroom that can provide for this breathes life into the young musician.


Our original music albums guide children on an exploration of more than 16 types of instruments including bells, drums, and keyboard. We encourage the child's unique vocalization through sound and song. Our classes are also full of movement and dance, inspiring a love and expression that all their own.



Our method draws inspiration from current developmental research on the young child.

Aided by a full-color book with nearly 30 music lessons to help parents bring the learning home and paired with original music... we have it all! We are only missing you.

Come down to the studio and experience what it would be like to go on this musical journey with your child. Together you can experience the Big Wide World of music.