Tuition is withdrawn (by CC or ACH) on the 5th of every month for that Month. The tuition is a flat monthly rate regardless of the number of classes in a given month.

Big Wide World $50/month

Mighty Birds $85 /month

Mighty Heroes $105/month

Superpillars $120/month

Allegro Pillars $125/month


There is a one time non-refundable registration fee of $25 due upon enrollment.


We offer a $10 per additional student for a family that is already studying at Music Pillars. Sibling discount(s) does not apply for LUMP SUM option. Due to the amount of holidays that fall on a Monday, a small discount will be given to these students as well.

Materials Kit

A $50 Materials Kit will be given on the first day of classes to each student. Music Pillars will make decisions for students about books, exercises, and apps that the student will use as part of their overall music curriculum. Books, supplies, and other materials provided to students are due upon receipt of them, and will be charged to the Credit Card/Checking account on file.

Required Equipment

The following equipment is required for the Superpillars and Allegro Pillars Class.

● A small keyboard/piano at home that is weighted (i.e. Strike a key hard = greater volume, strike a key softer = less volume)


Payments will only be accepted through direct deposit either via ACH or Credit Card. We reserve the right to suspend teaching services immediately if payment has not been received.

Pre-Term Cancellation

This course is a commitment that runs through the school year. This is a successive course and we cannot add students mid-year. Please note that the tuition is not refundable, nor subject to cancellation mid-year. For families that relocate more than 15 miles from the studio, we do allow mid-year cancellations.


Make-up sessions cannot be guaranteed and are at the availability and scheduling discretion of the Instructor/Studio Coordinator.

Practicing In-Between Classes

BIG WIDE WORLD is a valuable and effective music foundational class full of fun, music fundamentals, and energetic activities and teachers. However, nothing we do in class can compensate for practicing at home in-between classes.

Excessive Absences & Tutoring

Students who are struggling with curriculum due to excessive absences, missed lessons or other circumstances may need additional lessons in order to “catch up” with classmates. At the Music Director’s discretion, individual lessons may be added at the parent’s expense after discussion with student’s parents.


Tuition is not reimbursed for missed classes and/or holidays. We are closed during PUSD breaks and/or holidays (we are open during professional growth days). Below is the EC class schedule according to the day your student is attending classes.

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Early Childhood Registration

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