4-5 year olds

ENROLLING NOW for August 2018

Tuesdays 530pm, Wednesdays 4pm, Thursdays at 4pm   


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The kindergartner wants to do big things. Our Passion is to nurture that growth.

Mighty Birds is the right place for brave young musicians yearning to be given the keys to music.

"I can do it too!"

In the Mighty Birds classroom we welcome the "I can do it too" mentality! We learn & play the bells in semester 1...Ukelele and keyboard in semesters 2 & 3.

Kids are immersed in engaging music that teaches musical concepts and is fun to listen to. Unique characters visit class each week to teach students a new concept in a fun way!


Students benefit from exposure to gross-motor instruments such as drums, sticks, kazoos, their bodies, and voice while working and learning the basics of playing the piano and ukulele. Experiencing several instruments reinforces the concepts they are learning throughout each class and activity.


Students learn both by interacting with the teacher and enjoying the fun and positive influence of their peers. Kids learn to work individually and also in groups with their class mates. 




Our Mighty Birds benefit from the fun and magic created by a social learning atmosphere full of imagination. Each day we begin class by looking inside the birdhouse where we find a clue to our music learning experience. We sing and move to a mix of classic kid’s songs as well as pop, rock and blues! Mid and end-of-semester performances build the confidence of our students and the fun of the program. We would love for your little bird to come join us!