Mighty Heroes (5-6 Year Olds)

Now Enrolling for Fall 2019-2020!

Mondays 4pm (5 remaining spots), Tuesdays 5pm, Wednesdays 4pm (limited space available),

thursdays 3pm, Fridays 430pm

You have a musical child. Our Passion is to nurture that growth.

We learn from one another. We can play and perform.

Little boy on piano.jpg

Super Heroes helps teach musical concepts in a fun and interactive way. and motivate students to practice and be successful. What else will you experience in class?

In The Mighty Heroes, we maximize on the opportunity for kids to learn from one another in a way that is totally unique


Our mighty heroes put their capes on and embrace the musical skills of early note-reading, rhythm cognition, improvisation and performance of a vast repertoire of piano songs. Aided by a national top-selling piano curriculum for young children we have seen The Mighty Heroes program produces young pianists that are capable and empowered .


With near-weekly in-class “performances” for our peers, we take the fear out of the stage and put the capable child front and center. But don’t think we take ourselves too seriously. Our classes are still full of singing, dance, and the improvised silly moment.

Be a music Hero with us!