Parent Teacher Conference Communication

Hi Parents!


  • Do you offer lessons during the summer?

    1. Yes we do. We close in the summer for the week right after school, and the week of July 4th - but other than that - we are open throughout the summer months. Here is our current school calendar.

  • Do you offer morning lessons during the summer?

    1. We offer Music Camps in the mornings (most but not all weeks - see the website for more information on that) and therefore do not offer morning lessons during the summer.  You may use the Summer Swap option if you would rather do a week of morning camps instead of lessons.

  • What do I do if we are going to be gone for several weeks in a row? Should I just cancel lessons?

    1. All families travel during the summer. Rather than cancel lessons altogether - we strongly encourage families to use their financial credits (all families have with 6 financial lesson credits beginning July 1st of each year) so that they do not pay for the lessons that they are gone for, but in this way still retain their lesson slot for when they return. To cancel an upcoming lessons but remain enrolled - click here.

  • What if I would like to change one or both of my child’s teachers?

    1. We now have the teacher availability on our website at this link here. Please peruse the availability and teacher rotation there. After viewing the availability you can contact Melissa at and she can move you to the desired open lesson slot.

  • What do you recommend parents/students do for lessons during the summer?

    1. We DO encourage students to take a few weeks off during the summer (which typically happens naturally from family trips) but we DO NOT encourage families to “take the whole summer off.” The summer “slide” is a real issue that we see when students do that. Also, when families unenroll they do not have the ability to hold their lesson time/day spot. Because of that, we would strongly encourage families to

      1. Use their credits during the summer rather than unenrolling altogether.

      2. Take advantage of the Summer Swap (attend a week of Music Camp instead of lessons for that month) click here for a summer camp, or

      3. Continue lessons as usual and use the financial credits available to you during the week in which you are gone.

  • How do I let the studio know about the lessons that we will be gone for this summer?

    1. Please go to our website and select (under resources) either to Cancel or Reschedule a lesson. (note that make-ups need to be done within one week of the normal lesson day) OR cancel your lesson(s). 1. Click here to reschedule a lesson. Click here to cancel a lesson.

  • What is the Summer Swap?  

    1. The Summer Swap is when a current student swaps or exchanges their individual lessons in the month of June and/or July for one week of a Summer Camp.  The cost of the Summer Camp is the monthly tuition plus $50. This option guarantees the students current lesson day and time in the FALL. This is also a great option for students who want to explore a different instrument, change their routine, or for families who have a vacation packed summer.  In order to use this option, the summer camp registration form must be filled out one month prior to the summer camp.

  • We would like to take a break for the summer and/or unenroll - what do I do?

    1. Please submit a 30-day written notice by E-mail to letting us know that you will be cancelling lessons. Whenever possible we try to end on a good note and have your child play in one last Friday Fest as they leave Music Pillars. And thank you for choosing us for the Musical Education of your child.

The week of August 12-16 is an assessment week for ALL individual lesson students.  Music Pillars students must register for a 1 day camp by August 10th, 2019, otherwise their assessment week will be forfeited.  There will be a makeup (time/day TBD) later in August for those that cannot attend the August 12th week. No individual lessons, financial credits,  or makeup days will be available during assessment week. To select your time for assessments - click here.


Glee Club (Tuesdays 6 - 7pm)

Individual Lessons Required

Want to sing and dance? Then this class is for you! Come sing, learn harmony, and dance your heart out to current pop-hits as well as the classics. Bring your water bottle because you’re going to get some exercise as you learn the choreography to each of the songs! Regular performances at outside venues helps create excitement and purpose behind everything being learned in class! Click here to learn more and register for an audition.

Rock Bands (Rehearsal date/time depends upon placement from audition)

Individual Lessons Required

Come audition on the drums, guitar, piano, bass, or voice to join one of our rock bands. Some of the more competitive bands routinely play for school-wide functions, and/or corporate gigs that they are hired to play at as part of the entertainment. Meet new people, become proficient on your instrument, and really get your rock on! Click here to register for an audition for the 2019-2020 season.

Guitar I (Thursdays 5pm) 60 minute

Individual Lessons NOT required

This is the perfect class for beginning guitar enthusiasts to learn the basics of music as well as the basics of guitar. Learn how to read both staff notes as well as tabs. Master the basic chords and shred to some tunes along with your fellow guitar-mates in class! Group Lessons are fun, interactive, and longer for students to help them learn and master the basics. These fun 60 minute classes are also substantially less expensive than 30-minute individual one-on-one lessons. It's a fun and engaging way to learn the guitar with several other aspiring musicians at the same time! Click here to learn more and register.

Guitar II (Tuesdays 7pm) 60 minute

Individual Lessons NOT required

For more advanced (Book 2 and Up) guitar players continue on their development and progress from Book 1. Performance opportunities are a regular part of this group’s lessons. Click here to learn more and register.

Ukulele I (Thursdays 4pm) 60 minute

Individual Lessons NOT required

For the Island in all of us, this class is the perfect beginning Ukulele class for all ages. Learn the basics of music, and how to play and read chords on your Ukulele. Learn to sing as you play in this light-hearted and fun class! Click here to learn more and register.

Garageband Composition (Level 3 and up students only)

(Wed 7pm) 60 minute

Individual Lessons Required

Take your creativity and your knowledge learned from lessons and combine them into composing music that is entirely yours! Music Theory should be MUCH MORE than just filling out pages in a book. In this class - you’ll apply your theoretical knowledge of chords, song form, rhythm, and melody/harmony into unique compositions that you can share with others.

Piano Orchestra (Audition Required - day/time based upon placement) 60 minute

Individual Lessons Required

If you’re ready to challenge yourself in ways that you have never been challenged on the piano - then the piano orchestra is for you! Each Musical that our studio puts on is accompanied by student musicians playing the orchestral score in 10-12 part harmonies on the piano! Of course, with all the instrument engineering that takes place - you won’t actually hear too much “piano” as students will be Harpsichords, Clarinets, Flutes, Piccolos and many more instrument parts on the piano. This is a challenging yet extremely rewarding class for students that have good consistent practice habits at home. Click here to register for an audition.

Musical Theater  Audition Required (Rehearsals 4pm-6pm or 6pm-8pm depending upon placement)

Main/Supporting Cast Members - Individual Lessons Required

If you want to Sing, Act, and Dance - then look no further than our Music Theater Program. Our most recent production was Beauty and the Beast - and we are excited to be producing the Wizard of Oz in November! Auditions are required. It would be hard to overstate how much fun the students have as they combine movement with song and acting. A studio favorite - come audition for our next show! Click this link to register to audition for our next show!

Stage Lighting and Design (Monday 7pm) - Interview Required, ages 12 and up

For students that want to be part of the creative process of Musical Theater - but in lighting instead of onstage. Come learn how to program and create fantastic light shows using Chauvet ShowExpress and our professional lighting systems. Students will learn the current Musical Theater Show - attend meetings with the Theater Director, and then have specialized classes where they will incorporate and write the programming to have all of the lights match the mood, look, and animation that is going on with the actors and the digital backdrops! Click here to register for an interview/audition.

Theater Animation and Design (Wednesday 6pm)  - Interview Required, ages 12 and up

For students that want to be part of the creative process of Musical Theater - but in set and animation design! Students will take the digital backdrops already provided for the show, and then learn how to program, cross/fade, insert sound effects, and create banks of hot-keys on Midi controllers to bring the show to life. Students will learn on the same professional Theater Software platform Qlab that powers and runs the majority of all professional theater companies in the United States. This class is a ton of fun, and a TON of work! Writing, programming, and then producing the theater animation and set design is a tremendous resume builder for the budding student as well! Click here to register for an interview/audition.