Recommended Vendors

Vendors that make this list must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Length of Relationship with Music Pillars

All vendors we recommend on here are vendors that we have had a working relationship of at least 2 years. If a new vendor that we are working with is great…then they’ll still be great in two years and we will be happy to recommend them.

Long-Term Employee Commitment

Any vendor we recommend has to have a consistent practice of keeping and retaining quality employees. After all, a company is really only as good as its customers think it is, AND the strength of their workforce.

Consistent Long-Term Customer Service

Any company can shine for 5 minutes or 5 weeks, but only great companies that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to customer service over many years make it on this list.


Notice that we did not make any guarantees that these vendors are the low-cost leaders. Although they may be cost-competitive to their peers, if we pay a premium over their competitors, we believe that the service and value that they provide to us is worth it!

Summit Tax Solutions

This company is lead and run by Jasper Fauset - and we have had a fantastic relationship working with him over the last few years.

Unfortunately had to fire our previous firm CPA firm that was slow, difficult to work with, and really expensive. (A local firm in San Diego)

I hired Summit Tax for both my businesses tax returns (2 LLCs) AND my personal returns.

The silver lining in all of this was that Jasper Fauset literally did in a matter of DAYS what my last firm couldn't seem to pull off in 7 MONTHS!! He was substantially less $$, and his communication and professionalism was tremendous! Imagine that...A CPA that likes people AND is a true professional! Well, that's what you'll get if you work with Summit Tax.

Quite honestly, in less you are absolutely in love with your CPA - I would strongly recommend that you use Jasper/Summit Tax for your taxes AND also tax planning...which he is really great at. If there is an exemption or other tax advantage decision - he's the guy to know about it and make sure you get it. He also is able to look out in future so that you won't have a really awful surprise in the upcoming year...

So if you would like a professional, friendly, fast, and insightful CPA moving forward - you've come to the right place for sure.