Looking to reschedule your student's lesson?  You've come to right place.

What's the difference between rescheduling and canceling a lesson? 

Reschedule:  you move your student(s) lesson to a different time/date within a week of the missed lesson.  They do not miss a lesson for the week, it has just been rescheduled.  Must request a makeup lesson at least 24 hours in advance.    See "Makeups" below.   

Cancel Lesson/Use Credit(s):  you cancel your student(s) lesson for the week and use one of our student(s) financial credits for the school year (number of credits depends on when student begins at Music Pillars).  They miss a lesson for the week.  Must request a cancellation credit at least 24 hours in advance.   Go to "Cancel Lesson Tab" under Resources.    

ONLY ONE FORM SHOULD BE FILLED OUT PER STUDENT!  YOU WILL NOT CANCEL AND RESCHEDULE A LESSON. I.e. Johnny is sick, we CANCEL his appt. for the week.  This is the ONLY form filled out.  If Johnny is sick and I want to reschedule for later in the week, I will fill out a RESCHEDULE appt.  NOT a CANCEL AND RESCHEDULE form.