Serra Mesa/St. Columba Music Theater!

Come Experience Music Theater with a Professional Company!

Auditions at St. Columba on Friday, August 23rd right after school

Our Next ShowS will be November 15-18, 2019 at the Del Norte High School Theater!

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule at the bottom of the page

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Why do Music Theater with us at Music Pillars?

That is an excellent question - and here are some excellent (well, we hope you’ll think they are) answers:

Mikaela Rehearsal Video for upcoming Beyonce MTV Video

Our rehearsal schedule can work for the busy families whose children are in multiple activities…it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Take a look at our rehearsal schedule on this page. You’ll see that we do indeed have a handful of Saturday rehearsals in addition to our weekly rehearsal, BUT the rehearsals are in the afternoon typically after most sport activities are done for the day. Depending on the day, not all cast members will be called to all rehearsals. A more detailed schedule will be sent out after casting. Music Theater is intense, and requires a time commitment - we make no apology for that. BUT we have tried to make it as “busy-family” friendly as possible. Please understand that the rehearsal process does not end at the studio - YOU need to put in the work at home prior to the next rehearsal so we collectively progress as a cast!

A little Jingle Bell Arrangement for fun!

Mikaela Audition Cut for West Side Story (Yes she got the role!)

Mikaela Holmes Music Theater Director

Mikaela Holmes

VP of Music Theater

Music Pillars

Participating in Theater is about much more than just being on stage…its about learning and developing life skills like becoming an effective communicator, conveying confidence, learning to support others when they are scared, facing/overcoming fears, and SO MUCH MORE!

Mikaela is a busy performing professional, but also loves the educational process and connecting with students as they find their way as a performer. Students will be taught and led by Mikaela who has performed as Belle in Beauty in the Beast herself, as well as numerous other professional musical theater productions. Students will get a chance to see professional modeling and mentoring through her. Mikaela will be supported and assisted by Scott Spurgiesz who also teaches Music Theater at several private schools in San Diego, and was an actor with the Walt Disney Company before deciding to pursue music full-time. Mikaela will lead as the Director, as well as Choreograph all dance numbers . Scott will support all of the music needs with the student orchestra and general oversight/support.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule for the St. Columba Cast is below

St Columba Wizard of Oz Rehearsal and Performance Schedule