6-7 Year Olds, Classes Start August 26th

Mondays 4pm ( 2 spot), Tuesdays 6pm,

THURSDAYS 4pm (Full) Thursdays 6pm (2 spots)


Some of the important elements that make this class an exceptional experience for younger students are:

1) FUN

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 4.36.37 PM.png

Engaging music that student's are already exposed to through current Pop hits and/or songs from recent movies.

2) Multiple Percussive Instruments

Students benefit from exposure to gross-motor instruments such as drums, sticks, their bodies, and voice while working and learning the basics of playing the piano. Students are exposed to other instruments to help reinforce those items that they are learning on the keyboard.

3) 1-on-1 instruction + group

Students learn both by interacting with the teacher on a one-on-one basis but also enjoy the fun and positive energy of a small group setting (Each Super Pillars Class is capped at 6 students).

4) Weekly performances

Each student will take some time at the end of each class to perform for their peers. In this way, we teach and build confident performers early on in their educational experience. Thus students learn to play and perform for others in a natural and comfortable way.

5) Proven Curriculum

The Super Pillars Class is meant to help prepare students for the Music Pillars Level 1 books. The curriculum used is from Faber and Faber - a world-wide recognized curriculum for its innovative and straight-forward approach to teaching and building the basic building blocks for young musicians.

Much More!!

There are many other wonderful things about this class. Click on the link below to schedule a no-obligation first-visit of this class with your 5-6 year old.