How much are lessons?

See our Terms and Rates Here.

We don't have a piano - what do you recommend?

For a piano initially, we would strongly recommend NOT buying an expensive acoustical upright or grand. But rather spending $1,000 - $4,500 on a "fully-weighted" (which means that the keys are weighted and have the same action and feel as a grand piano) Yahama Clavinova. Here is a link for information on them. As students become more intermediate/advanced, you can then upgrade (and place like Greene Music accept back your previous purchase for 100% of its value up to a certain amount of time after purchase towards another piano) your piano.

We recommend digital pianos for a few reasons:

Digital Pianos have more educational versatility than an acoustical.  You can plug many of them into ipads, and when coupled with a few of the really great apps out there, it makes for a much more interactive and faster learning experience for students. A student's entire family does not have to listen to their practicing because the students can put on headphones (this is especially helpful for families with babies or toddlers who nap). Built-in metronomes and other instrumentation on the keyboard are VERY helpful features.

They are far less expensive than acousticals, and can last at least a decades without any maintenance costs. Moving them is much easier (they typically weigh 60 lbs or less). Maintenance costs are essentially zero

(acousticals need to be tuned at least once per year - rates are roughly $95 - $175 per tuning - and if there are other repairs - the costs go up from there).

You can record high-quality WAV files from many of the digital pianos.

Buying a piano online?

You can also buy a piano online, but because a piano is such an intimate hands-on (literally) buying decision, we don't recommend buying online. If you go that route, at least purchase it through craigslists so that you can first see and play it before buying. And in the wild-wild west of craigslist, please stick with an inexpensive piano, because if something goes wrong - you may have more costs in repairs than what you paid for the piano.

How long of a lesson do I need?

We have found from experience that as students get to a certain level, we naturally start to go over the 30 minutes because there is more material to cover. This usually starts happening when they begin improvising at a higher level and can play more complex pieces. At that point, 45-minute lessons are appropriate/needed. For adults, 45 minute lessons are the norm. 60-minute lessons are reserved for very advanced students only.