There are several reason why we believe that a video library is an important and essential tool for students, particularly beginning and intermediate students. A Video Library is important augmentation of our teaching, because it provides a few important things for students and parents, namely:

A student can see correct modeling of the piece in-between lessons

We have found (particularly with our students under 10) that a student will come to a lesson - be able to repeat the rhythm/notes/etc...of the piece after 5-10 minutes of working with them, and then go home and forget it all!  Then they come back the next week, and they have "practiced" but the rhythm is still incorrect, and a few notes are too, and now they have spent another week practicing it incorrectly.  An illustrative video that is right at the students fingertips (we have them in a password-protected library that the student can access right from their ipad while sitting at the piano) can help reiterate for the student many important features of a particular piece. Things such as fingering, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and phrasing can be seen and heard on the video tutorials.

A student can have more control and ability over their practice time in-between lessons

If there is a section that the student needs to see many times before they get it, they can pause the video, go over a certain section several times, and manipulate the video in other ways that help assist the student.  <strong>

younger students need to have 2-4 "mini" lessons in-between studio lessons

The truth is that proper musical training, particularly for students under the age of 12, really should be done every other day. Since this is cost-prohibitive for most families, and a scheduling conundrum for any studio, we have really tried to help facilitate a constructive "mini" lesson look and feel through our videos so that the student can check how they are playing something with how the teacher models it in the video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good tutorial video is worth TEN thousand! So with this recurring issue of needing the student to hear/see the correct modeling of what they are learning, we decided to undertake a very ambitious project and create videos of 350+ (and still going, every time we find something that more than one student might end up playing, we create a video and add it to the library!) like that below.  Students click on the app (its actually a saved icon on the ipad - but for the student it looks and feels like an app)  and then browse through the library to get to the piece of music that they are working on.

Click here to download the instruction guide for the video library

Here is an example of one such piece being modeled: