Why do Small Group Lessons?

Over the past 5 years we have been teaching both small group and individual lessons at our studio. There are some real benefits to small group classes that we simply cannot replicate in an individual lesson. Here are a few of them below.

April Card Games with children.PNG
  1. More Time in class than individual lessons

    Some concepts take longer to internalize than others...when a child is starting out - 60 minutes of instruction is a better way to help “cement” those concepts than a 30-minute individual lesson.

  2. Game Play accelerates learning!

    Come see for yourself how game play with two teams in a class can make the learning fun, interactive, and effective! Its one thing to be in a one-on-one lesson explaining the notes on the lines and spaces...its a whole other level of learning for your child to be competing in a game format. The game-play makes things fun, and helps the concepts “stick” more effectively

  3. Positive Peer Pressure - who doesn’t want to show off?

    1. Students will get a chance to “Showcase” what they have been practicing in-between lessons. Team members want to show-off to their friends the new songs that they learned from last week.

  4. Ensemble Playing creates much more rhythmic musicians

    Ask any music teacher in the world what is one of the things that 90% of young piano students struggle with...and its rhythm! But when all Team Members are learning and playing together in ensemble pieces - their rhythm learning is so much greater as they hear multiple people around them modeling the correct rhythm and they can get feedback from multiple sounds immediately that they are off rhythm.

  5. Multi-Media/Multi-InstrumenT

    As opposed to individual lessons, the concepts and learning experience is much greater in a small group format. Here are some of the instruments/media/methods that will be used to present concepts:

    1. Percussion Instruments

    2. Short/Fun Videos

    3. Apps (for learning, and tracking practice progress)

    4. Paper Books and exams

    5. Piano

    6. Dancing

When education is provided with such a robust set of presentation formats - the likelihood of mastery for your young musician is MUCH greater.