Transposing to a different key on a guitar is very easy compared to a piano, which requires a little bit more knowledge. Also there are far fewer chord shapes that needed to be memorized for a guitar versus the piano.

Take it anywhere

Try lugging your piano around to a gig. It isn’t easy! With a guitar, you can play as an accompanist or a soloist just like a piano, but you can take it anywhere. This makes playing gigs and having fun with your friends very simple.

Tone variety

The guitar has a huge variety of sounds that it can produce. From the mellow sounds of an acoustic guitar to the biting tone of a distorted electric guitar, the guitar can create many different musical moods. With electric guitars, you can also modify the instrument’s tone with effect pedals to create out-of-this-world sounds. The possibilities of the guitar are basically limitless.

Guitar is less versatile musically than a piano

The main disadvantage to guitar versus the piano is that the things you can play on the guitar is limited to what you can play on six strings with four fingers. On piano, you have all ten fingers to utilize on a wider range of notes. Because of this, it is very hard to take a piece that was not originally for guitar and play it on a guitar. Pieces for the guitar are very idiomatic to the instrument, whereas a piano can play just about anything.