Once I Learn Theory, I can play anything!

Theory makes music easier to understand. Unfortunately, far too many children are taught to play the piano without being taught the basics of theory. As teachers, we have even met very accomplished pianists who could not breakdown the theory behind the music that they were playing. This is a real shame because theory can really enhance and speed up learning on the piano. Because once you understand some basics of theory, you will learn a little secret that all of us in the business know...MUSIC REALLY ISN'T THAT COMPLICATED! Learning Theory is an Initial Investment that pays dividends for life. If we end up teaching you or your child for even just 2 semesters, your learning of music theory will pay you dividends for life! Once you understand the basic chords, their inversions, the subsequent chord progressions that much of western music follows, and the accompanying harmonic notes, you will be able to play a great deal of music at a basic level without looking at any sheet music ever again. Learning theory is also essential in order to Improvise.