Play for Fun, Play for Others, Play Deeply

This is much more than just a tagline. Its a core part of who we are and what we do. Each of these "Plays"...Fun, Others, and Deeply are a vital and an important part of our educational mission at Pillars.

Play for Fun, Play for Others, Play Deeply

Play for Fun

Music should be fun! Students should ALWAYS have 1-2 pieces of music that they are learning that they helped to pick. When the passion of music is there, and the student can connect with that passion - then the practicing will be less of a fight (notice we said less, parents you're still going to have to support/encourage/ it relates to practicing) and more of a joy.

play for others

Don't kid yourself, of your child. Stage fright can be a very real thing. Learning how to perform and play in front of others is a learned skill. Your child cannot read a book about it, cannot watch it, they have to do it! And furthermore, they need to be on stage/performing frequently. We do not support the 2x a year performance format that we see going on all throughout the music community. Although we understand that this is easier for a teacher to have each student play 1 piece that they have worked on for 3-5 months, it is not the best approach for a student who is learning to play an instrument. The growth rate is too slow frankly. Imagine signing your child up for soccer, and they are going to have practices once or twice a week, but just one game in December, and then one game in May. Nobody would sign up for that in sports right? Yet somehow in music it has become the norm. This is a tragedy, and at Pillars it is one (of many) things that we do differently. To see a list of other major differences between Pillars and most studios/teachers - take a look here.

Music Pillars Friday Fest

Anyway, to get back on track - students need to play for others frequently! At Pillars - we have Friday Fests. They are Smaller (5-10 students), the students play more pieces (2-5 pieces of each student), and we encourage students to have something ready to perform every 6-10 weeks. What this means in reality is this: a 10 year old that has been at Pillars since the age of 7 will have been on stage 12-22 times and played 24 - 110 pieces compared to a typical studio of 6 times over that same period and 6 - 12 pieces....see the difference??


Where you can really see the difference with students at Pillars is when they play in bands at other larger venues (Knotts Berry Farm, Hard Rock, etc..) They are pretty comfortable up there, and its not magic...its because they have been on stage so much that rather than be scared - they typically are really excited to perform and share their music with the audience. As a result - the audience can actually enjoy the experience instead of stressing out for their child...imagine that!!

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.35.23 AM.png

Play Deeply - 8 pillars of music pillars

Playing Deeply is all about becoming a well-rounded musician, and about having a solid foundation in the "Pillars" that make up Music Pillars.

Those Pillars are:

Love, Theory, Pattern Recognition, Dexterity, Audiation, Sight-Reading, Improvisation, and Composition.

As students take lessons, they will learn and be assessed through exams (given in the lessons) on each of these core concepts. The scores, and tracking/monitoring of all of this can be viewed by parents and students by logging into Einstein (The Nickname we have given to our custom IT platform built specifically for Music Pillars parents, students, and teachers.


When you combine it all together...Playing for Fun, Playing for Others, and Playing Deeply - parents and students get the most comprehensive individual lesson package and experience that is out there. If you would like to come for an assessment - please click on the link below and we'll be in touch soon.