Music Theater FAQs

here are the most frequently asked questions

1. Will any rehearsal conflicts be accepted?

Yes - Cast Members can miss up to two rehearsals without their role being changed or modified. They cannot miss any of the Saturday Rehearsals, or the Tech Week Rehearsals.

2. What are the fees and costs associated with being a cast member?

A complete and thorough breakdown of rates, costs, and other particulars related to that can be found by clicking on the “enrollment” paperwork and viewing the rates and terms. Each show is slightly different in terms of rates, expectations of parents, etc.. You DO NOT need to complete the signing of the paperwork in order to review it all.

3. What are the Audition requirements?

Please come prepared with approximately 16 bars/measures of something to sing. You may bring either sheet music for our accompanist or a karaoke track to sing with. Students may also be asked to do a brief reading from the script.

4. Age requirement/range?

In general - the age range is 8 - 17, although some exceptions will be made in instances of a young experienced performer. But most youth performance licenses require that no cast members turn 18 before the performance…not sure why totally that it the case - but it is.

5. when are auditions?

The auditions dates/times are listed on each website for each cast. They vary for each cast.


Callbacks typically will be held the following day, but we reserve the right to modify that based upon scheduling demands that we have. We will start with a simple dance audition followed by additional reading and singing from the script and score. Just because you did not receive a callback does NOT mean that you will not be cast. Likewise, just because you are called back for a particular role, doesn’t mean it is the only role you are being considered for. Sometimes we just need to hear/see more in order to complete the casting puzzle!

7. where are rehearsals held?

Rehearsal locations are outlined in the rehearsal/performance schedule for each show. You can find that by reviewing the enrollment paperwork for that respective show.


Performance venues vary depending upon many factors. The exact particulars of a show can be found on the enrollment paperwork regarding the show in which you are considering enrolling in!