Answers to some of our FAQs

How Much are Lessons?

All of our pricing is a flat per-month basis. We do not charge on a per-class basis for any of our classes. Some months your child will have 5 lessons, and other months if school has a week off they may have 3, in general they will have 4 lessons a month.

Big Wide World (45 minute weekly class for 30 Months to 48 months old) $50/month

Mighty Birds (45 minute weekly class 4-5 Year olds) $80/Month

Mighty Heroes (45 minute weekly class 5-6 Year Olds) $100/Month

Super Pillars (55 minute weekly class 6-7 Year Olds) $115/Month

Allegro Pillars (55 minute weekly class 7-8 Year Olds) $125/Month

Musical Theater-Audition Req. (3 hour weekly class 8 - 17 Year Olds) $95-$115/Month*

*Ticket Sales, Costume Rental, and other fees may apply depending upon individual show factors.

Orchestra Pit-Audition Req. (90 minute weekly rehearsal plus outside performances) $125/Month

Individual 30-Minute Weekly Lessons $148/Month

Individual 45-Minute Weekly Lessons $208/Month

Rock Bands-Audition Req. (60 minute weekly class plus multiple performances on weekends) $95/month

What do I need to do to stop lessons?

It varies depending upon the program/classes that you are enrolled in.

Individual lessons

We require a 30-day written notice (e-mail is fine) for students taking individual lessons, and whenever possible during those last 30 days we try to have the student end on a positive note by performing in a Friday Fest for their friends and family.

Mighty Birds, Heroes, Super Pillars, Allegro Pillars

Theses courses are 9 month courses that begin in the fall and run through the early part of June. There is not a mid-year cancellation option available.

Musical Theater/Orchestra pit

The term of this program runs from show to show. Students audition, and then once they accept their role, they commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule. Typically this is a 4-5 month time frame.

Rock Bands

Rock Bands are a 9 month school-year calendar commitment. There is not an early or mid-year cancellation option.

Are there any discounts available?

We do offer a sibling discount which is $10 off each month for each additional child in a family. Occasionally on a case-by-case basis we may offer a discount if tuition for 4-9 months is paid up front. We do not offer any other discounts or in-kind reductions in tuition.