Piano Orchestra

3 piano orchestras will accompany the musical wizard of oz!

audition slots are for monday, august 12th, and wednesday august 14th are now open below.

Music Pillars Piano Orchestra.jpg

If you’re ready to challenge yourself in ways that you have never been challenged on the piano - then the piano orchestra is for you! Each Musical that our studio puts on is accompanied by student musicians playing the orchestral score in 6-10 part harmonies on the piano! Of course, with all the instrument engineering that takes place - you won’t actually hear too much “piano” as students will be Harpsichords, Clarinets, Flutes, Piccolos and many more instrument parts on the piano. This is a challenging yet extremely rewarding class and performance experience for students that have good consistent practice habits at home.

The playing ability needed to play this music tends to lean towards students Level 3 thru 10 - but there are a couple spots open for students in levels 1 and 2 that have strong parent support and good practice habits! More advanced students can also assume larger roles as Assistant Music Director as well.


If you are successful in auditions - then you will be placed into one of three Piano Orchestras.

(See Schedules of each below)

Thursday Evening Rehearsal Schedule
Tuesday 4pm Rehearsal Schedule
Tuesday 5pm Rehearsal Schedule

Questions about terms and rates? Click below to see/review the terms for the Piano Orchestra Members.