Student Expectations

Expectations Change Based upon age and goals of Student and Parent

We are not a one-size fits all music studio. Within the eight pillars, some students are going to gravitate more towards virtuoso classical music, and others will be content to compose and write their own music. Some students will want to sing in our bands, and others will want to be an instrumentalist in them. Each studio location has teachers/staff capable of working with and progressing students from 6 months old up to college admissions for prestigious music conservatories or colleges around the world. So in short, it matters more to us what the expectations and goals are of the parents and students, than what our "plan" at MP would be for them. 

For younger students, our approach is more formulaic in its delivery and approach.  For students that are going to begin private individual lessons, we do have a basic set of expectations that you can view here.