Why Learn the Guitar?

Take it anywhere

The guitar is one of the most portable instruments you can learn. It is easy to practice anywhere at home, and you can take your guitar to the beach or to a party to impress your friends! Guitar is an instrument that can be taken around anywhere so you can play whenever the inspiration strikes.


The guitar is also an incredibly versatile instrument. It is easy and fun to learn how to strum chords so you can accompany yourself singing or another musician playing. However, you can also play one note at a time to play riffs and improvise solos. Unlike most instruments out there, guitar can be used both as a solo and an accompanying instrument! <

Many styles

Guitar is also one of the most versatile instruments out there because it is used in so many styles of music. Whether you are aspiring to shred some Metallica solos or serenade people in the coffee house with a Carulli waltz, guitar is the instrument to handle the job. From rock to pop to jazz to classical, guitar is made for rocking it in any genre.

Sing and Play

Guitar is great instrument to accompany singing. If you love to sing by yourself or write your own songs, guitar is definitely the instrument for you.

Bass/Guitar Transfer ability

Guitar and bass guitar are very closely related instruments (indeed, the first four strings of the guitar are tuned the same as a bass.) Learning one of these instruments is a great introduction to learning the other as scales and arpeggios are virtually identical on both instruments.

The cool factor

Let’s face it, the guitar is just plain cool! You will impress people and be the life of the party once you know how to rock out on guitar. What are some differences between learning the guitar or the piano? Click here for more information.